About Us

Welcome to Turquoise Dream Dive Center!

Raju's dream was to create the ultimate dive center, a place where diving enthusiasts could access top-notch facilities and experience the best that diving has to offer on the island. Welcome to Turquoise Dream, where you can dive into the ocean's mesmerizing colors and turn your underwater dreams into reality. Our mission is clear: to provide unparalleled training, unforgettable underwater adventures, and a truly exceptional diving experience.

Our Story:

Founded on April 1st, 2021, by Raju Biswas, with diving experience in Andaman and Indonesia since 2017, Turquoise Dream emerged on Neil Island as a professional platform that delivers exceptional diving while showcasing the beauty of the Andaman Islands. What began as a humble endeavor has grown into a premier dive center, earning the distinction of being the highest rated in the area. Since our underwater adventures commenced, we've been making waves in the diving community.

Location and Setting:

Nestled in Neil Island, Andaman, our dive center is surrounded by crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant coral and marine life. The island, also known as Shaheed Dweep, is celebrated for its serenity, white sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters. The rich coral reefs and marine life, including Dugong, Turtle, Sting Ray, and Manta Ray, make each dive a breathtaking experience. It's the perfect backdrop for an exquisite underwater journey.

Services We Offer:

As a proud PADI Dive Centre, we offer an array of PADI programs and certification courses, catering to beginners and certified divers alike. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your training and diving experiences are of the highest quality. We provide rental gear and offer professional underwater photography and videography services, capturing your underwater memories in stunning detail.

Meet Our Team:

Raju Biswas: Our founder, chief instructor, and owner. With diving experience in Andaman and Indonesia since 2017, Raju leads by example.

Kangkan Bhatta: Open Water Scuba Instructor since 2018, Kangkan embodies calm and polite behavior, setting a positive tone for every dive.

Dipankar Haldar: PADI Dive Master since 2018, Dipankar's warm and smiling demeanor ensures your dives are not only safe but also unforgettable.

Dipak Tarapdar: Our cheerful boat crew member since 2016, Dipak guarantees safe and comfortable travels to and from your diving destinations.

Safety First:

Your safety is paramount. We use top-notch, high-quality gear that's meticulously checked before every dive. Our team is trained in first aid and emergency oxygen provision, and we have a dedicated rescue boat available to ensure your peace of mind.

Sustainability Initiatives:

We're committed to preserving the underwater world. Our efforts include coral conservation and regular beach clean-ups, as we strive to protect the marine environment we love.

Recognition and Reviews:

Turquoise Dream is honored to be the highest rated dive center on Neil Island. Our reputation is backed by Google and TripAdvisor reviews, showcasing our dedication to providing exceptional experiences.

Embark on Your Underwater Journey:

Ready to explore the wonders beneath the waves? Join Turquoise Dream and experience next-level diving, guided by our expert team of smart, talented, and passionately dedicated personnel. Discover the underwater world and create memories worth cherishing a lifetime with Turquoise Dream Dive Center. Contact us today to begin your diving adventure with the best in the

Photo of Raju Biswas in blue T-Shirt

Hello diving enthusiasts, I’m Raju Biswas. Founder and cheif diving instructor of Turquoise dream. I was once just like you, a boy who was looking for a try dive. That dive changed my life, I found my passion underwater and completed my training and education to become a full time diving instructor.

My goal is to make sure every person that dives with us gets the best underwater experience and discovers the beautiful life beneath the turquoise waters of Andaman.

From a simple try dive to extensive diving courses, we got your back underwater.